The 2024 U.S. Canoe Slalom & Kayak Cross Olympic Team Trials is fast approaching, and you're invited to witness the intensity, skill, and sheer adrenaline as athletes battle for a chance to represent the United States at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Catch the action at the newly opened Montgomery Whitewater park on April 13 and 14, this weekend will be filled with action, live music, food and so much more!

What are the Olympic Team Trials 

It's where dreams are realized, and years of dedication culminate in a moment of glory. The Olympic Team Trials are the battleground where the nation's top athletes compete in qualifier games for coveted spots in the 2024 Summer Olympics. You won't want to miss it! 

The Sports

Canoe Slalom and Kayak Cross pack a punch of excitement and skill. In Canoe Slalom, competitors navigate their boats through a challenging course of gates, showcasing their precision, agility, and nerves of steel. It's a race against the clock, with penalties for any missed or touched gates, making every split-second decision critical.

Kayak Cross is new to the Olympic scene in Paris 2024, adding a new dimension to whitewater racing. Unlike traditional races, Kayak Cross pits athletes against each other in a thrilling battle for supremacy. Competitors launch from a ramp above the water's surface and navigate a challenging course with up to six downstream and two upstream gates, each strategically placed to test the competitor's speed and skill. Here's the catch: while contact with the gates is allowed, missing just one results in instant disqualification, ramping up the intensity of the competition.

Montgomery Whitewater

Image via Montgomery Whitewater

See the action up close

At Montgomery Whitewater, access to the venue is open to all and FREE. Spectators can catch the action on the Competition Channel, witnessing athletes vie for their chance to represent the U.S. on the world stage. We recommend grabbing a bite at Eddy's, the restaurant's inviting patios provide the perfect spot for all the action! Savor mouthwatering dishes and refreshing beverages while cheering on your favorite athletes. Of course, there is plenty of room on the grounds to get even closer to the action!

Montgomery Whitewater

Book a raft ride

Share the water with an Olympian! Thrill-seekers can book a rafting trip on the Adventure Channel, where they can put their own skills to the test amidst the backdrop of the trials. 

Montgomery Whitewater

Image via Montgomery Whitewater

Live Entertainment

Come for the races and stay for live music! Relax and keep the good times rolling with performances from Dee Oh Gee & Graves B’hamala taking the stage Saturday evening. 

And More

Explore Vendor Village, a Community Wellness Celebration, where you can find various health and wellness organizations offering insights and products to enhance your well-being. And while you're at it, play a few rounds on jumbo corn hole sets that are fun for the whole family! Be sure to grab an autograph card that athletes will sign and collect an Olympic pen to remember the day by!

Make a Weekend of it

gather your friends and family, and plan a weekend in Montgomery for the Olympic Team Trials. Stay longer and enjoy the many events happening around Olympic Trials. We've gathered a few below. See you at the water's edge!