Jackson Lake Island Goats Andrew Christopher - Triggered Photography

Jackson Lake Island

North of Montgomery, the Alabama River has a lazy channel known as the Gun Island Chute. Nestled in the middle of that chute is Jackson Lake Island, a spot ideal for fishing and canoe trips. But those pursuits pale in comparison to the reason many people trek to the island. Most people head here to explore the famous movie set from the 2003 Tim Burton movie, Big Fish. The fictional Town of Spectre was built from temporary material, but the buildings still stand. 

The feeling now is a little bit eerie and a little bit ethereal as you walk among the slowly deteriorating buildings which were left in place at the end of filming. Not quite frozen in time, the set is slowly succumbing to the forces of nature. The movie stars and extras have been replaced by goats that wander in and out of the buildings. Fans of the movie are sure to snap a selfie without their shoes as going barefoot was a key element of the movie. The south side of the island was the set of Jenny’s house in the movie. Only four columns remain to indicate where the house stood. 

The island is private property, but is accessible with permission from the property owner. There’s a gate sign with instructions to call for the code. Once on the island, visitors are welcome to enjoy kayaking, fishing or camping.

If it has been a while since you saw the movie or read the book by Daniel Wallace, refresh your memory before your visit. That way you’ll appreciate the sights you see in this unique location. Please be considerate and respect private property.