Civil Rights History

Places and Ways to learn about Montgomery's Civil Rights History.

From the modest pulpit where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered inspiring sermons to the historic spot where Rosa Parks bravely stood her ground, Montgomery serves as an ideal hub for delving into the rich tapestry of Black History. As the birthplace of the civil rights movement, Montgomery beckons history enthusiasts with treasures like the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, pivotal in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Just steps away, explore the Rosa Parks Museum, the Civil Rights Memorial Center, and the Freedom Riders Museum, each narrating the stories of those who sparked a global movement.

Throughout the city, historical sites, museums, and memorials offer continuous opportunities for discovery. Downtown, the Legacy Sites by the Equal Justice Initiative compel visitors to confront America's history of racial injustice and the ongoing pursuit of social justice. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Freedom Monument Sculpture Park, slated to open in 2024, a 17-acre riverside sanctuary showcasing remarkable art and original artifacts, immersing visitors in an engaging and interactive journey through history.