Whether this is your first visit to Montgomery or just your latest of many times to enjoy Alabama’s capital city, exploring the sites of our historic area is just better with a professional tour guide to lead the way. These knowledgeable people add first-hand experiences to enrich the places you visit, powerful background information to provide a depth of understanding and always a passion for their hometown. 

Jake Williams with Montgomery Tours is a self-described child of the Civil Rights Movement. Raised in nearby Lowndes County, he was a participant in the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March. Those who take his tours are moved by his level of detail as he tells of his experience and that of others he knew.       

Montgomery native Wanda Battle was raised during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and she brings her experience to the groups she leads at her company, Legendary Tours. Along the way, Wanda shares historical accounts, songs and stories, all with the hope of engaging in life-changing conversations with those on her tours. 

Spring weather invites visitors to take a walk around the city. The Experience Montgomery Visitor Center staff leads April Walking Tours to point out key locations in the city’s past and to share stories of those who shaped the community. 

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