Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

Does the thought of touring one of the world’s most advanced automotive plants get your motor running? Think you’ll have to travel to Germany or Japan to see a high-tech assembly line with skilled workers and modern robots? How about this cool bit of information? South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company opened their first U.S. manufacturing facilities right here in Montgomery, Alabama in May of 2005. And it is open for tours to show you around.

The plant sits on a 1,744-acre site and the facility covers an impressive 3.2 million square feet. When the assembly line is running full speed, this plant cranks out an amazing 1,500 cars each work day. Alabama team members work side by side with robots to assemble multiple Hyundai lines, including the Elantra and Santa Fe. During the 75-90 minute tour of the plant you will learn about the myriad of steps and the advanced technology involved in making a car.  

While there is no cost for the tour, reservations are required. They can be made up to six months in advance for either the day time or evening tours. During the tour, you will be required to wear safety glasses and to follow the set photography policy. Be prepared for the elements as the tour is both indoors and outdoors. And be ready to be wowed on this industrial tour that highlights the innovation happening in Montgomery, Alabama.