EJI Legacy Museum and Memorial

Located on Court Street on a site where Black people were once forced to labor in bondage and blocks away from one of America’s past slave auction spaces, The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration tells a powerful and painful story of injustice. The museum delivers a comprehensive history beginning with the Transatlantic Slave Trade through codified racial segregation and today’s over-incarceration. 

After the foundational lessons of the museum, the journey continues at the moving National Memorial for Peach and Justice.  A free shuttle runs between the two locations. The nation’s first memorial dedicated to honoring the legacy of enslaved Black people, those terrorized by lynching, those humiliated by racial segregation and those who continue to be color burdened with injustice is an important place to visit. Both the memorial and museum are operated with sacred respect by the Equal Justice Initiative.