Love is in the air, and Montgomery is the perfect location for every facet of connection, from love birds, gal pals, friends, and those finding themselves in the beautiful spectrum between. Discover diverse experiences, from intimate dinners and trendy eateries to the vibrant art scene and enchantment of the great outdoors. Transform your Valentine's Day into a remarkable celebration of love in all its splendid forms, resonating with laughter, joy, and enduring memories.




For a perfect escape within the walls of your hotel, choose the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa at the Convention Center downtown as your haven. Surrender to relaxation by treating yourself to a spa package, enjoying a delightful dinner at The House, and concluding the night with a charming nightcap at The Exchange. If a boutique getaway is more your style, opt for Trilogy Hotel Montgomery, Autograph Collection. Elevate your experience with an upscale and  3-course Valentine’s Day dinner at Kinsmith, a signature fine dining destination. Dining and drinking at Kinsmith inspires connection, making this boutique retreat a perfect blend of luxury and charm you'll cherish long after your stay.



For the discerning food enthusiasts seeking an exquisite Valentine's Day experience in Montgomery, explore these culinary hotspots where the artistry of food meets the spirit of love. India Palace beckons with authentic Indian dishes straight from the heart of Punjab, India. This culinary haven boasts a delectable menu that has garnered a local cult following, inviting you to savor the rich and flavorful delights of Indian cuisine. Central has a Valentine's Day menu featuring delights such as velvety Lobster Bisque, a tantalizing Surf and Turf, and the sweet perfection of a Chocolate Lava Cake. Opt for the classic route and make reservations for a fine dining experience at Ravello Ristorante Montgomery. Savor the exquisite culinary offerings at Taste, where their specially curated four-course Valentine's Day menu ensures a palate-pleasing journey and the creation of enduring memories on this special evening dedicated to love and exceptional cuisine. Elevate your evening at the rooftop bar of  Waterworks, where you can enjoy a romantic sunset and savor the crisp Montgomery air. Alternatively, find comfort in a snug booth at 23 Court Cigar Bar, where drinks with a view set the stage for a laid-back and enjoyable time. 



If you're yearning for a whimsical getaway, indulge in the charm of the former love nest of the literary icons Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald by renting their Air BnB for a few enchanting nights. Nestled in the heart of literary history, this cozy retreat provides a unique glimpse into the love story that has inspired generations. Explore the captivating world of the Fitzgeralds through the museum downstairs, where memorabilia breathes life into the pages of their romance. This delightful escape is more than just accommodation; it's an opportunity to stroll hand in hand through the corridors of literary magic, creating your own love story in the footsteps of these legendary authors. For a night of intrigue and role play, secure your tickets to the Valentine's Season Roaring 20's Gatsby Murder Mystery Dining Event. This enchanting experience guarantees an evening filled with suspense, interactive moments, and indulgent delights.


Begin your Valentine's Day adventure with a charming stroll through the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, where captivating exhibits set the perfect tone for your afternoon. When hunger strikes, make a pit stop at Verde Cafe for a delightful bite to eat. And if your appetite for art is still unsatisfied, snag tickets for "Blues in the Night" at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. This musical unfolds a tale of heartbreak, with hot and torchy numbers narrating the sweet, sexy, and sorrowful experiences of three women entangled with a lying, cheating snake of a man. It's a musical journey that adds a touch of rhythm and romance to your Valentine's Day escapade. Cloverdale Playhouse invites you to witness the captivating production of The Rivals, a theatrical masterpiece that will transport you into a world of romantic comedy. If your hearts resonate with classical melodies, the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra presents a mesmerizing classical concert, offering an enriching auditory experience. With these cultural gems, your Valentine's Day will surely help you create artistic moments that echo the sentiments of love and appreciation.



Your Valentine's Day promises to be an adventurous and nature-filled celebration of love with these diverse activities to make your day memorable. Plan your stay at SpringHill Suites by Marriott Montgomery Downtown, the perfect location for a romantic stroll to Riverfront Park. Purchase tickets to the Harriott II Riverboat Cruise along the Alabama River for a Valentine's Day dinner and cruise along the Alabama River. Conclude your evening at Waterworks roof bar, where drinks with a view set the stage for a laid-back and enjoyable time, adding the perfect finishing touch to your downtown escapade.


Your Valentine's Day promises to be an adventurous and nature-filled celebration of love with these diverse activities to make your day memorable. Enjoy a romantic evening with a twist by enjoying a drive-in movie at Blount Cultural Park—an intimate experience under the stars. Explore the wild side of love at the Sweetheart's Day at the Montgomery Zoo, where you and your partner can connect with nature and its inhabitants. For adventure enthusiasts, a hike or bike ride at Lagoon Park provides a scenic escape, allowing you to bask in the beauty of the outdoors together. As the day gently winds down, make your way to Montgomery Whitewater for a delightful dinner at Eddy's. Extend the magic by staying awhile, allowing the warmth of love to envelop you around the firepits, creating a cozy ambiance that perfectly complements the outdoor setting. It's the ideal way to embrace the evening and add a touch of romance to your outdoor experience.


Love knows no boundaries, and neither does the magic that Montgomery holds for those seeking a Valentine's Day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable experiences.

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