Remembering the Montgomery Gray Sox 

For over 150 years, baseball has been more than just a sport in Montgomery; it's a cherished part of the city's history and identity. From its humble beginnings in 1868 to today, baseball has embedded itself into Montgomery's culture, captivating the hearts of its residents and fans alike.

When talking about baseball's legacy in Montgomery, it's impossible to overlook the significant contributions of the Montgomery Grey Sox. While the Riverwalk Stadium proudly hosts the Montgomery Biscuits today, the city's baseball journey stretches back through several esteemed teams, including the Bombers, Billikens, Capitals, Rebels, and, notably, the Grey Sox.



Founded as a charter member of the Negro Southern League (NSL), the Montgomery Grey Sox emerged as a powerhouse in Negro league baseball, solidifying their place in history and leaving an indelible mark on the city's baseball heritage. Their presence on the diamond was not just about athleticism but also about breaking barriers and defying odds in a time of segregation and inequality. They embodied resilience, pride, and excellence in representing more than just a baseball team. Their triumphs on the field inspire generations and serve as a beacon of hope for a community facing systemic challenges.

 The Montgomery Grey Sox legacy is a testament to the power of sports to unite, inspire, and transcend boundaries, reminding us of the profound significance of America's pastime in shaping communities and histories.

Gray Sox Weekend at The Montgomery Biscuits

To honor the Gray Sox's legacy and celebrate Montgomery's rich baseball heritage, June 21 to June 23 will be Montgomery Gray Sox Weekend at the Montgomery Biscuits Stadium this upcoming summer. To commemorate this special occasion, exclusive Montgomery Grey Sox merchandise is available for purchase. Secure your piece of history from the Gray Sox Collection online at Gray Sox—Montgomery Biscuits before the season kicks off. Alternatively, you can visit The Biscuit Basket, the official retail store at Riverwalk Stadium, during the season to pick up your memorabilia.

Biscuit Basket - gift shop

During Montgomery Gray Sox Weekend, the Montgomery Biscuits will face off against the Birmingham Barons all three nights. Players will sport special Gray Sox jerseys and caps as a tribute to the legendary team. There will be exclusive giveaways on June 21 and 23 and a MAX fireworks show after the game on June 22. These games are not just about competition but also about paying homage to the remarkable players and legacy of the Gray Sox and the enduring impact of the Montgomery Gray Sox on our beloved city's baseball culture.

gray sox sweatshirtGray Sox Merch hat and shirt


Get your hands on Montgomery Gray Sox Weekend Tickets and join the festivities in grand style during Montgomery Gray Sox Weekend, from June 21 to June 23, at the Montgomery Biscuits Stadium this summer. 

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